• Adjustable telescopic arms with 14" to 28" radius on standard unit (can be supplied with longer or shorter arms to suit the machine size).
  • High quality, heavy gauge steel frame with durable powder coated finish, well balanced on center shaft with heavy duty sealed ball bearings.
  •    Delivers over 2,400 cfm of air

Part # CMF020082X15

Lynco stocks all replacement parts needed to keep your fans operating for many years to come.

These parts and more can be found on our replacement parts page.

Part # SP-3000-2

Part # BD-98

Circular Knitting Machine

Two Axis Top Fan        

Machine Fan (2) 3,000 RPM Fans. Self Propelled.

48 inch maximum diameter.

  • Long lasting sealed ball bearing fan motors are equipped with individual plugs for easy removal without taking entire fan unit off of machine.

(2) Fan 1,500 rpm Internal 

 Machine Fan

Part # W-3000-02

  • Fan motors adjustable within 280 degree vertical to horizontal positions to concentrate on the critical areas of the knitting machine.

Part # BD-98ext


Mr. Breeze 360

Ceiling Fans

High Quality               Low Maintenance              Highly Efficient           Built To Last      

  • Heavy duty drive motor ( hardened steel gears ) and torque eliminating belt will withstand constant starting and stopping without concern for premature wear.

Black Diamond Machine Fan with extension arms for larger machine.

72 inch maximum diameter.


Circular Knitting Machine

Cleaning Fan

(1) Fan 3,000 rpm Internal

Machine Fan

Part # CMF-20081X30

  •    3 rpm Constant Rotating Speed

Oscillating Creel Fan

 1,500 rpm fan motors

6" wide x 8" long base for easy

mount to rectangular creels

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